Thursday, November 12, 2009

Weird Ways....!!

That day, I met an old friend of mine outside. As usual the conversation started with his complaining about how his girlfriend always starts arguments and gives him daily headache. He constantly tries to make her happy but she thwarts it by starting another argument. I tried to give my stupid advices. I have always reasoned that he should have a life of his own. And try to keep this things in a limit. Then we discussed about other things. Actually we all are confused about our priorities.

There was this girl standing nearby for quite sometime constantly talking animatedly and laughing into her phone. For as long as we stood, she was talking continuously for all the time, maybe 15 minutes or so. Now, we are not eavesdropper but she had us all ears because she was so loud. Talking certainly to her boyfriend. She disconnected after a long time but not before asking into the phone, " By the way, whats your name? ". We both couldn't control our laughter.

Late Night Blues

I have been sleeping at 2.00 am daily. Not just nowadays. This has been a habit for me and I happen to repeat it almost daily. Sleep deprivation is what I practiced from my college days. Sometimes studying. Sometimes doing nothing. I am not an exception. All my friends also have this habit of sleeping late. Because whenever I call anyone after 1 or 2 in the night, most of the calls are answered.

I wonder why we all are sacrificing our sleep even when there are no exams? Maybe we have so many things to do that the whole day is not sufficient. Even if it is sufficient we tend to keep most of the things for the night. Sleep has become secondary and we dont want to miss the valuable time instead. Either studying or on the PC or on aour beloved cellphones. With a cup of coffee to assist.

The thing we forget is that sleep deprivation may not have immediate effects. But it sure has its hazards in the long run. Headache through the day, mild acidity, reduced appetite, compulsive behavior are some of the side effects. And I am sure most of us go through all this. Let us not become insomniac zombie and allot 7-8 hrs of daily sleep everyday. The earlier, the better.

In my case, I sleep at 2 am, wake up at 10. Then again sleep at 2-3 hrs in the afternoon to offset the compensation. But anyways, studying or completing a novel is pushed to the more peaceful time of the late night. I am still trying to be normal.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Letter on Independence Day..

My dear friends,

Today is Independence Day.
Finally another holiday. For everyone.
To us youngsters this means one more lazy morning to get up late. To housewives means another round of shopping at the heavily discounted rates at the nearby mall. In all for everyone it is another day to either have fun or snore out at home.

On other note..It is no hidden thing that today we are extensively hooked to our cell phones. We never lose a chance to type a message whatever we are doing. Be it studying, eating, walking..anything. And that to in our own shorthand extremely popular style.

Hi!! H r u??
C ya @ 5
tc :)

Mornings seem wasted if don't see our mobile flashing any unread message. And if its Valentines day or Friendship day or New Year, it has to be 15 unread, 20 or more.

For Independence Day?
Can Anyone claim to have send or received even a single message? Yes??
I am sorry, but we the youth generation don't have that spirit, or excitement of this particular day.

The thing that may sound remote to this topic is that we have lost our way amid trying to be akin to tha West. We have our ears plugged in with our iPod playing the latest songs. And even if we get a rhythm of national anthem playing somewhere, we ignore it as just another passe song. Though we stand up in theaters when this melody is played, much to annoyance of many. We stand up only because it will look ridiculous sitting at such a time. N even while standing, all are busy either twiddling their thumbs on their cellphones or scratching their bottoms.

Lines of national anthem?? God knows..
Meaning of the lines?? God knows, maybe..
When we have saluted our tricolor?? In our school.

Forget being guilty, if you are on all these things and start right away. We should know that we are the most potent force to spread awareness for anything. We should organize a flag mast in our area. Just give our Independence Day its ten minutes of our precious time by hoisting and saluting our flag as the beloved national anthem is played. If this not possible try to reach a place where such thing is happening and do a small duty for our country.

I am not saying that we should all be a diehard patriotic. All I am asking is to probe the little Indianness in you and give some recognition to our Independence Day.

May God give me the power to follow what I preach.

Thanks for reading my letter.

Jai Hind


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just Another Day..

The usual prop. I m just walking with beautiful sceneries folding around me. I have nothing to lose, free of all stress. The sky is my favorite indigo blue.

Suddenly moms kicks me. N I wake up. Rubbing my eyes I see that I m again back to where I had slept. Silly. My dream ended prematurely. Had no time to regale in it. I curse myself.
My day begins..

I sit on my bed. Hazy. Lazy. And think what I will do today to kill time. To hell with constructive work. I even find it hard to pass my timepass time. Bedsheet lays crumples. Brushing, bath, breakfast at my usual fast speed.

I pick up the newspaper. H1N1 virus is catching up with Mumbai. N its nearing near epidemic condition. Reached Ghatkopar. Kurla is not far away.Strangely this not even perturbs me a little.
I read every nook and corner of the newspaper. Got this scrawny habit when I was in high school. I am impatient if I fail to glance last of the pages.

Mornings are easier. Just sit in my balcony. Plug on the headphones. Paul Oakenfold. Dj Tiesto. Schiller. I have this new found attraction to trance. But still it makes my head spin in 15 minutes. Switch to Linkin Park. A nice song 'Leave out all the rest'

When my time comes, forget the wrong that I have done,
Help me leave behind some, reasons to be missed...

The sun reaches over my head. Excruciating hour begins. Job tension, results tension, unidentified tension, mysterious stress. Everything. Mom comes. Says something. Half listening to her. I have a good'ol headache.

Light lunch. Again doze off.

I wake up 1 hour later as someone is ringing my phone. The someone goes blah blah for 5 minutes. I reply his blaahs reluctantly. Time to have a happy tea hour. I make the tea myself. More tea. Elaichi. Pinch of coffee and salt. My favourite.

I turn on my PC. Someone calls me from below. Now this particular someone has a habit of callin me whenever i turn on my PC to some surfing. He must be having a strong sixth sense. I go out to hang out with my friends.

Evening. Sit in front of TV. My sisters and Mom too finish their cooking an gather around the box. Balika Vadhu. God, another halfwitted serial. Strangely my time passes with it. Ads. I sneak to my sports channel. Protests. I don't budge. More protests and warnings. Damn..... I rivet back to their channel. Actually, watching ads is also included in the serials storyline.
Then more serials. till 10.30 or so.

Tick Tock. Tick Tock. The clock too does his own timepass. I watch all of them non-plussed.
Heavy dinner. All those b4 sleep formalities. Then drifting to sleep.

Bang....I woke up with a start. My heart beating like pack of dogs pounding down a mountain trail. A nightmare. Wasted my sleep. 2.00 am. I curse myself. Close my eyes and again try to catch that beatiful morning dream. I sleep..

Dont resent me, and when u're feelin empty,
Keep me in your memory, Leave out all the rest..
Leave out all the rest.....

P.S. : Please dont follow the above lifestyle. Its injurious to your well being and may turn you into a paranoid.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Harry Potter latest fails to fascinate

Very few things is successful in taking us to a virtual world. The Harry Potter series is one of them.
I have been a avid reader of the books rite from when it started. Like all the pottermaniacs and potterphiles I also have been a sucker to all the potter accomplishments and his antiques. Even all the pottermaniacs and potterphiles will agree that the books are far better than the movies this franchise warner brothers is making.
The latest addition from the series in the cinemas is Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.
Well, if u havent read the book please go and watch the movie. It will give you probably the same excitement the previous movies have been offering.
The movie infact overlooks all the interesting parts in the book and is centered along the romance among the young schoolgoers in the first half and rather vapid climax scenes in the later half. Its as if the film-makers and scriptwriters were dozing off when the script was written. David Yates (the director) has done a wonderful job in the previous movie. But here scores a major dud in filming major scenes and even chartimg out succesfully any character. Even the central Harry Potter. Daniel Radcliffe was usual his bumbling self and his friends as usual given much less importance. The only bright characters were that of Professor Slughorn, a new potions teacher, and Professor Snape.
The film starts on the same note as the book in which the death eaters create havoc along the city of muggles. But goes completely offtrack after that with Harry roaming arnd in muggle world as if he has all d protection in the world. the first episode of the book in which the minister of magic discusses the prospects of dark lord with the american president is not included. The viewers are rendered clueless from the start of the fil abt what is happening.
Then all the Voldemorts past is half baked in the movie. The main part of his maternal family which are called Gaunts and are ugly looking magicians is not shown. In that his ugly mother casts a spell upon her hansome muggle neighbour and settles with him for two years. after which voldemort is born. His creating of seven Horcruxes(parts of soul) is also unconvincing. The death of Albus Dumbledore is shown as if nothing has happened. The viewers will settle in two minds that if he is really dead or no. The raging battle between the students and teachers and the death eaters after they enter the school is completely skipped. And the half blood prince? I doubt many will remember who he was.
On the plus side the movie has all its visual brilliance. Especially the scenes when Dumbledore and Harry go on discovering the horcrux in the dark caves.
All said I had a hard Friday watching my favrt character getting an unfaithful visual interpretation. Thank God I have the books which I can reread to keep my interests alive.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Lets Introduce...

This is the first ever blog I have ever created and also my first time I m trying my hand in writing.
Well, to begin with I m proud to say that I have completed my engineering.(applause....please).
Now this might not be a major thing but for an individual graduating is something to be treasured. Hoping to get a job in the times of recession I m just another harried individual, an ordinary person whom you would most probably not consider to be fondly remembered. I have never tried anything extraordinary or even more ordinary in my life. thats my thinking. My friends will want me to differ though.
Experiments. Well tried it in school, then in hostel, then for four years in engineering studies and still continuing. Some which make me nostalgic and some quite a bad one. Experience. Many. Expertness. Little.
Hmm..getting late...will write more...till then cyaa